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One Vision Media

When you go to see ‘That’ll be the Day’ live in concert, you will find yourself asking the question…Where are they going next? 

50’s California? 60’s Liverpool? 70’s Top Of The Pops? 80’s Hollywood?

Wherever they’re going, you can be assured that the attention to detail in music, costumes and instruments will be spot on to take you back to those times. 

But, there’s a lot more going on just above their heads!

Whether it’s a quick black & white advert to give the guys on stage a chance to change outfit or a lavish remake of a classic movie to open the show, the AV you see on the screen is a BIG part of what makes the show so relentlessly entertaining.

ONE VISION MEDIA, run by TBTD’s very own Jarrod Loughlin, creates all the animations and videos that go behind the action on stage. 

The first step is deciding on the look for the piece and then researching that period for the exact radio jingles, logos, album covers, original footage, adverts and sound effects to make it as authentic as possible. From an original 1963 Greek stamp on a postcard from Cliff’s ‘Summer Holiday’ to a recreation of the inside of The Cavern Club, it’s all in a days work. 

The show being heavy on nostalgia means that they work with lots of old footage but sometimes, for example, a classic TV show intro that we want to use may not be available in a good enough quality to be shown on our screen so it has to be totally remade to ensure it looks right. Almost everything is then created from scratch with a combination of custom drawing, video editing, special effects, music and voiceovers. Many hours of work for what is sometimes a 10 second piece! 

It’s a real chance for OVM to go ‘back in time’ and discover all the old styles of animation and design before the invention of computers and then work out the matching look and style of the text, colours and movement of the classic ads or posters that we all know and love. 

ONE VISION MEDIA is also responsible for creating the live AV for other touring theatre shows including ‘WALK RIGHT BACK’ & ‘IMAGINE’ as well as the posters, CD’s, DVD’s. Brochures and other tour merchandise and also the design behind the impressive TBTD touring truck! 

So next time you see a theatre show, cast your eyes upward and enjoy the fruits of our labour and maybe take a piece of ONE VISION MEDIA home with you from the merchandise stand.